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Deploying PHP applications with TYPO3 Surf

TYPO3 surf is a deployment tool for PHP applications, specifically for TYPO3 and Neos. This guide will show you how to deploy a PHP application to a mittwald cloud project with Deployer.


For this guide, we assume that you already have a TYPO3 or Neos project in a Git repository that you want to deploy, and that you are familiar with the basics of TYPO3 Surf (see the getting started guide, otherwise).

Deploy an application with TYPO3 Surf

Create the application in the mittwald platform

First, you need to create a new custom application in a mittwald cloud project of your choice. You can do this via the mittwald Studio UI, or alternatively using the CLI. In any case, set the application's document root to the /releases/current symlink (or a subdirectory thereof) that will be created by TYPO3 Surf.

$ # use one of these:
$ mw app create php --document-root /releases/current/public

Make sure to take note of the application's ID, as you will need it later. In the following examples, we will refer to that application ID as <app-id>.

After creating the application, retrieve its installation path from the mittwald Studio UI, or via the CLI (in the following examples, we will refer to that installation path as <app-installation-path>).

$ mw app get <app-id>

Configure your deployment

Use the app installation directory as the deploy_path in your deploy.php file. For example:

$node = new \TYPO3\Surf\Domain\Model\Node('mittwald');
$node->setHostname(''); // you can determine your SSH host via the "mw project get" command
$node->setOption('username', 'ssh-XXXXXX@<app-id>');

The rest of your TYPO3 Surf configuration depends on your project, and for this reason, will not be covered by this guide. Please refer to the TYPO3 Surf documentation for more information.