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Request an app installation

POST /v2/projects/{projectId}/app-installations/

This API operation requests a new app installation.

Usage notes

Determining the appVersionId

Both the app that should be installed and the specific version are identified by the appVersionId body parameter.

To determine available apps, use the GET/v2/apps/ API operation. To determine available versions for a given app, use the app ID (as returned by the app-list-apps operation) as input parameter for the GET/v2/apps/{appId}/versions/ operation.

On user inputs

Pay attention to the userInputs parameter in the request body. This parameter is a list of objects, each with a name and value property.

The allowed values for name are dependent on the app version being installed. To determine the required inputs for a given app version, inspect the userInputs property of the app version object returned by the GET/v2/apps/{appId}/versions/ operation.

Determining when the installation is complete

Note that this operation does not block until the installation is complete. To determine the status of the installation, use the GET/v2/app-installations/{appInstallationId}/ operation. When the operation is complete, the .appVersion.current property will be equal to .appVersion.desired.


  • projectIdstring (uuid)



The AppInstallation has been requested.

  • idstring (uuid)

Usage examples

$ curl \
--fail \
--location \
-d '{"appVersionId":"f0f86186-0a5a-45b2-aa33-502777496347","description":"string","updatePolicy":"none","userInputs":[{"name":"string","value":"string"}]}' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $MITTWALD_API_TOKEN" \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \